Yousef Rida Green 50 Dokha – 50ml / 7.0g

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Yousef Rida Green 50 – Strong flavour and a medium buzz

Yousef Rida Green 50 Dokha – 50ml / 7.0g mixes leaves from different levels of the tobacco plant to ensure an excellent tasting medium blend.  It’s satisfying warm taste is something you will enjoy a lot, combine this with the fine cut and you have a very good Arabic pipe tobacco that burns smoothly and gives a great buzz.  This Yousef Rida Green 50 is medium and definitely kicks back so make sure you are prepared! This Yousef Rida blend will give you a very big satisfying buzz!

Why buy Yousef Rida Green 50 Dokha?

  • Bottle size – 50ml / 7.0grams
  • The all important ‘Buzz’
  • Strong medium flavour but gentle on the throat
  • Reputation matters – and Yousef Rida have that in spades!
  • Cuts a smooth smoke in your Medwakh